This is the third year ASID MN is using the online submittal format for their Awards competition. This year updates were made to further attempt to automate the process and reduce committee and administrative time, and possible human error.

Key Updates to Note

  • Payments THIS YEAR will ONLY be online through PayPal using MasterCard or VISA when entering. Projects cannot be entered without online payment. No checks will be accepted this year.
  • PDF TEMPLATE forms will be available on the ASID MN website (approximately July 1) before the two Information Sessions (Mark Your Calendars: Noon to 1pm, July 26 and August 14).
  • We recommend that entrants practice with and become familiar with the forms first, and then bring their questions to the Information Sessions!
  • If necessary, find your technical support early and have them attend one of the information session. The ASID office will have a temporary office administrator during the submittals period who may have less understanding of the process, and the committee will offer very limited support after the Information Sessions.
  • There will be a 3 week submission period where entry rates INCREASE the later you enter.
    • August 24 – September 7: Early registration rates per entry: $125 or $50 for first time only entrants
    • September 8 – 14: Registration rates per entry increase to $150 or $75 for first time only entrant
  • Do not select the $50 Entry Fee if you or your firm have ever entered the ASID MN Design Competition before.
  • This year, for certain categories, entrants will be asked to enter their projects into predetermined category sizes. For example, previously all kitchens were entered into one category, and the committee then determined the cut off points for the competition that year, e.g. 0-300SF, 300-500SF and so on. The size breakdown would regulate how many projects were judged against one another to keep category sizes roughly equal. The committee has studied previous years and predetermined typical size categories, but there could be variables this year that result in a scenario where only 2 projects enter 0-300SF Kitchen and 9 could enter the 300-500SF category. The committee will not be adjusting category sizing this year after submissions are received.
  • File naming configurations must be followed this year on the PDF entry template, judges key sheet, and each individual image upload.  More details will be available on the format and at the Information Sessions.

Don’t Forget

  • Please make sure your file size is 2OMB or less. We cannot upload/accept anything larger. IF THERE IS A PROBLEM SUBMITTING, THIS IS THE NUMBER 1 ISSUE TO CHECK!
  • When submitting projects, please wait for the “Thank You” window that will pop up. If you do not see that, please go back and make sure you filled everything out correctly and that your file size isn’t too large.
  • Entrants should NOT change the format of the submittal forms (I.E. FONT STYLE/SIZE, COLOR ETC). This is an entry standard for fair judging. ALTERED TEMPLATES/FORMS MAY BE SUBJECT TO DISQUALIFICATION.

Some Quick Tips

  • Keep your project descriptions quick, clear and to the point. Judges are design professionals and don’t require “flowery” language.  They want facts to support your design. Bullet points are ok. If in doubt, imagine you are a judge reading 120 entries. What information would help your decision when scoring? What information would you glaze over?
  • The committee is encouraging more entries and entrants, both emerging professionals, and those who maybe haven’t entered in a while. ASID MN members are amazing designers and we want to promote your work!
  • Don’t forget about these categories introduced last year:
    • Emerging Professional Project: Any project lead by a designer with less than 10 years professional practice. This is great for promoting newer designers who won’t go head to head with the long established designers in this category.
    • Sustainable and/or Universal Projects. When entering ANY project, check the box on the form if your project could be considered for one or both of these categories with no additional entry fees!