The Coverings tile convention takes place every spring and is an opportunity to view new tile and stone trends as well as items in early development. It is the perfect time for those in the tile business to forecast what items will be highest in demand for the coming year.

Texture and pattern were very prominent in the show this year, along with stones and ceramics that you had to feel to believe. Nature and textile inspired designs are very valuable in creating layered, luxurious spaces. Large, geometric patterns created fun and a visual pop perfect for commercial spaces and the boldest residential clients.

Terrazzo was another featured material in many booths. Not a new medium by any means, but it did breathe new life into traditional mosaics while also adding a funky, colorful edge to modern designs.

Color was the most exciting addition this year. Marbles, reminiscent of European palaces in shades of maroon, emerald green, pale blue and peach, bring an innate sense of glamour while ceramics in similar, bold hues speak to those drawn to a more Scandinavian sensibility.

Encouraged by the newest offerings that will be available to interior designers very soon, we look forward to the beautiful and innovative spaces that will most definitely be the result.