Hi! You might have received an email from “The ASID Leadership Experience.” Like most of us you may have sent it into “trash” thinking it doesn’t pertain to you.  But it does!

The Leadership Experience is for all ASID members. The event offers courses in professional growth for you, your design team, your firm, and chapter leaders. The courses are custom-tailored for all career stages and cater to various business practices. You can attend classes and workshops best suited to your goals, network with your peers and attend tours of leading local design projects. There are health and wellness activities, and opportunities to engage keynote speakers and  interact with industry manufacturers.

Members of your Minnesota ASID Chapter Board of Directors will be attending this event in Atlanta GA on July 18 20. We will be learning how to best lead our chapter, learn to work together as a team, and develop our personal leadership styles. Some of us have attended this event before and are looking forward to the inspirational speakers, the courses prepared for each of our Board positions, and networking with other chapter members from all over the United States and Canada.

I hope to see you in Atlanta or mark your calendars for July of 2020!  I will follow-up with what was of main interest to participants and update you on any news from our national headquarters.

Enjoy your summer!