Greetings! I’m honored and very excited to be representing the ASID Minnesota Chapter for the current fiscal year. Together, the new incoming Board and I have created a novel and highly adoptable Strategic Plan for our chapter to use as a positive guideline. Our Plan for this year encompasses the goal of Health and Wellness and how design truly impacts life.

Through Communication, we plan to push to offer valuable CEUs that will encourage the benefits of Health and Wellness through Net Zero/ Passive Solar, Low Impact or Sustainable Design.  We hope to normalize the language and verbiage by helping to communicate this message to the public with newly designed videos, pamphlets and social media that push the evidence of wellness-based design. One example could be a new Showcase Home that would demonstrate aspects of Health and Wellness with environmental or Eco-conscience design.

By Living the Brand, we will stress the important benefits of why the NCIDQ is of value to our industry by having ambassadors from the NCIDQ council come and speak at Lunch and Learns. And we will continue to publish resources on how to study and where to find study materials. We hope to make taking this important exam more practical and accessible for all designers in every stage of their career.

Through Diversity and Inclusion, we plan to stress the difference and impact of utilizing an ASID designer is to our membership and the public. By having a broader reach using alternative partnerships, we will continue to involve ourselves with community service projects, local charities and volunteer positions to push this message.

And lastly, we hope to implement alternated revenue streams with branded merchandise that can be used for all relevant ASID events. These items would include t-shirts for 5 or 10k events, water bottles, yoga mats and other items that will stay within our branding requirements but will have a sustainable and visual impact on the public eye and our design community.

We have a lot to do this year and I’m excited to work to advance the goals of our Strategic Plan. I’m hoping you will support me and get involved whenever possible so that we can continue to advance our extraordinary chapter.

All the best,

Jennifer Austin-McGrath