Greetings members,

I am excited to be starting my term as President of ASID MN. First, I would like to thank our outgoing members; President, Jennifer Austin-McGrath and board members; Nicole Sirek, Brandi Hagen, Kimberly Scanlon and Nancy Baker. The dedication and hard work of our Board of Directors often gets overlooked. Please take time to thank them!

This summer I joined some of our current board members, Charlene Ackley, Rob Edman, Colleen Slack, Jackie Cox, Lindy Haglund, Kali Bray and office administrator Brianna Klein-Onkka in Atlanta GA at the ASID Leadership Experience. We attended seminars to understand our board positions and how to manage the business of an ASID chapter. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other. I am really looking forward to implementing our strategic plan this year with this capable and energetic Board of Directors.

During the conference I was able to speak to other chapter presidents and board members. I was proud to learn that ASID MN is among the leading chapters in the country. We maintain membership, provide programs that educate and network, do community service projects, and are able to highlight quality design projects locally and nationally. It was nice to hear compliments from our national headquarter members on how we manage our chapter. Since the conference, both Brianna and I have been contacted by other chapter leaders around the country to inquire how we have had success in various areas.

This recognition does not happen accidentally. It takes a large group of dedicated volunteers to maintain the high standards of ASID MN . It also takes a generous collection of sponsors to allow us to have programs and events which educate our membership and the public about the business of interior design. As I reflect on my membership with ASID MN, it has been a stepping stone in my career, but what has been most rewarding is the networking and satisfaction gained through volunteering, resulting in life long friendships.

I would be remiss not to mention the passing of Suzanne Goodwin. Suzanne served ASID MN as President, on the Board of Directors and on many committees during her career. We have lost a colleague, mentor, friend and we will miss her.

Barbara Hafften