The Value of Membership in ASID MN for Emerging Professionals

As I come to the end of my term as President of ASID MN, I reflect on my 24 years of involvement in this amazing chapter. I have served as Chair and Co-Chair on various committees and served twice on the Board of Directors and I have gained so much.

I have found that joining a committee is a great way to further your career in interior design because it is networking at its best. For recently graduated Emerging Professionals this puts you in front of potential employers and people who can recommend you. If you are building a business in interior design, it is a great way to build relationships with suppliers and take advantage of marketing opportunities.

Over the years I have used many ASID Industry Partners (IPs) to build my “team” of suppliers. I know I can count on these colleagues to provide excellent service for me and my clients as well as the quality products I want to sell. This kind of support is crucial for one’s reputation as a designer.

ASID MN provides numerous marketing opportunities for practitioners and IPs as well. For me the Showcase House was premier among them. I did seven of these and got excellent clients as a result. ASID Interior Design Tour (formally Kitchen Tour) and Life in Color are just a couple more available opportunities, not to mention social media and the Designer Referral service on the chapter website.

In addition I have made many friends with whom I can share ideas, resources and give and receive support. For an independent interior designer like myself, this aspect of membership has been invaluable.

There are so many more benefits that are too numerous to mentions here, but I encourage you to get involved and be part of a growing, exciting chapter.

The Definition of Emerging Professional: ASID member who has graduated within the last 7 years.

Recently Graduated? Take advantage of the opportunity to merge from student to Allied ASID at a reduced rate! You have up to 6 months to make this happen. Contact the office for more info.

We have a new Emerging Professionals Committee that is planning exciting and informative events geared for recent graduates starting in September 2018. Don’t miss these opportunities to meet potential employers and get tips on resume writing, etc. For more info contact Co-Chairs Anna Sanders ( or Marco Rebollar (

Hope to meet you soon.

Letitia Little Allied ASID, President ASID MN