The Minnesota Chapter of ASID hosted its annual Sample Sale at IMS on September 29th & 30th. Serving as one of ASID MN’s largest fundraisers, the sale was a HUGE success! We were a little nervous with the change of our marketing campaign and losing Julia Knight’s presence in this year’s sale. With a huge focus on a social media campaign hosted by Russell Herder and our annual 3,500 post cards mailing, the sale was the highest grossing in many years! While our attendance numbers didn’t seem to show much different than the previous years, sales were much higher. We saw over a 25% increase from the last 5 years. With 35 showrooms and independent designers participating in the sale, this number was down from about 42 in 2016. The Designer Marketplace played a big part of the sale. We typically reserve 8 table for independent designers.  September’s sale required 12 tables. They are able to sell those items that may be returned, be an oops, or have extras of! Artful Living graciously joined our team and took on the fiduciary role for the sale. It was quite seamless. I great thank you to them! Also, our volunteers, along with Brianna play an integral part in the sale every year. We are so thankful for their efforts.