Colleen Slack’s fun and vivacious energy shows through in every aspect of her interior design work. Her top ten list illustrates her love of traditional elements with a modern edge as well as the importance of finding some time for yourself. Take a moment, kick your feet up and enjoy!


Reading List:

I read 5 books a week, so of course I couldn’t settle for just one book recommendation.


  • You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, which delves into everything from money mindsets to law of attraction to asking for more money from your clients.


  • Better than Beforeby Gretchen Rubin uncovers the universal truths about forming habits and keeping them and breaks down the four personality types when it comes to habits and accountability. Valuable for understanding yourself and others.


  • Pride and Prejudiceby Jane Austen is a classic I’ve been rereading since 5th grade and can only enjoy holding the battered copy that was my mom’s. I love most of the movie versions too.



The Life Coach School Podcast” is a weekly serving of insights on how your mind works and how to concur your mind to control your life instead of letting your thoughts control your emotions and actions. Habits, mindsets, setting goals, running a business and buffering are all common topics.



Soda stream sparkling water throughout the day and a glass of Malbec in the evening, as needed. 

La Posta Tinto Malbec is a favorite.


Favorite Furniture Piece:

The Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen. Curling up with a book in its embrace is perfection.



I don’t typically gravitate to bold patterns, but the modern scale of this print along with the mix of colors has been a favorite for years. A client joked it looked like an acid trip the first time he saw it but fell in love with how it pulled together the whole design.



Lately I’ve been drawn to bold, polychromatic abstract art like this piece by local artist, Cynthia Kath.



Homemade paleo meals like fried plantains with pulled pork, fried eggs and guacamole for breakfast or pulled pork on baked sweet potato and topped with coleslaw, cilantro and fresh avocado for dinner.


Place to Visit:

It’s been 10 years since I went to Japan to meet my husband’s relatives, and I’m looking forward to bringing our daughter to see the amazing architecture and learn more about her culture. And of course, to eat lots of sushi and tonkatsu.


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