Our chapters’ student members bring a fresh perspective to the design community. We are lucky to have dedicated people like Marco Rebollar-Garcia who, on top of his job at Tapis Décor, graciously volunteers his time to ASID MN.

Beverage: I have a few refreshing beverages I enjoy, a nice refreshing mojito or a Moscow Mule sure do help beat the summer heat.

Accessory (decorative): I recently found my love for mirrors. They can be any shape, size, or color. They reflect light and make a room feel bigger. Plus who doesn’t like looking at themselves in a mirror?

Meal: I love a good Pad Thai. Asian cuisine is my absolute favorite. Of course Pizza will always have my heart, but it can’t beat a bowl of Pad Thai.

Hobby: Funny that I say that softball is a big hobby of mine. I grew up not liking sports, but now I’m in and manage a softball team!

Restaurant: Tied to my favorite meal, my favorite restaurant is Amazing Thailand in Uptown. They have a great happy hour, love their Pad Thai, but their Cracked chicken can become addicting.

Place(s) to Visit: I’ve traveled to a few places in the last couple of years, my favorite that was actually one put together by myself and other ASID students, we took a trip to New York City. We spent 5 days touring the city, went to a lot of different showrooms, visited the D&D Building which is their version of IMS, and even got to meet and toured Vicente Wolf’s showroom and office.

App: It would have to be Instagram. I could spend hours on there, from looking at friend’s vacation pictures, to following my favorite designers posting their inspiring work.

Guilty Pleasure: Binging shows on Netflix. As busy as I am, I shouldn’t but sometimes one needs a chill night in and why not watch the entire season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Spellman?

Wallcovering: I work at Tapis Decor, and we have a lot of cool wall coverings that I get to see. My favorite line of wall coverings is Juju Papers. I love the way they use metallic colored prints. My favorite design is called “Barn Owls and Hollyhocks”. It’s currently installed in one of our showroom walls and I never get tired of walking past it and admiring it.

Artist: My favorite artist would have to go to the little Ariana Grande. Breaking records with her new album and with that crazy voice. Like she says in her new song “7 Rings”: “These are a few of my favorite things…”