Corporate/Institutional Over 10,000 Square Feet – Judges Merit: Universal Design –

Firm: Lucy Interior Design
Designer(s): Lucy Penfield, Aliied ASID, Stephanie Lalley, ASID, and Team
Project Name: You Belong Here

Project Statement

GOAL: Design a modern city church for ALL to feel safe and welcome. Coach the pastors, who risked leaving careers to create their dream. Transition from a high school gym to a large vacant church and leave behind traditional church stigmas to create a place brimming with new beginnings.


SPACE: Move from 4,000 sq ft gym to 42,000 sq ft rundown church, with emphasis on the Welcome Hall.

TIMELINE: Rigorous 6-week challenge for design team, sub-contractors, and Pastors was intimidating but achievable with camaraderie and can-do spirit by all.

BUDGET: Design budget was low. Moved by their dream, we pushed full steam ahead, offering our services for the greater good of the church. Fulfilled by the joy of their vision, the church has grown beyond the gym to standing room only.

DESIGN: Color palette and wall graphics support the church mission. Grey, black, white, and yellow pops for contrast. Yellow is the guiding light throughout the space. Bold and clear signage directs visitors.

RENOVATION: Polished concrete floors replaced dingy carpet, exposed ceilings to modernize, installed ethereal 14′ LED light bands that are directional and engaging. Removed old church stigmas, creating a modern city vibe for the young vibrant church.

WELCOME HALL: WELCOMES ALL! Open space-plan, bright, happy color palette, clear way-finding and murals direct flow. Signage is bold and modern. Greeting Station helps newcomers, Beverage Station and hallmark walnut floating bench invite community gathering. Large media screens showcase Live performances for standing room only. Multi-use Hall is modern, functional, and welcoming! From city to country, crossing state boarders, all ages and nationalities, this city church draws all from near and far. YOU BELONG HERE!