Emerging Professional Project – First Place –

Firm: Studio Vice
Designer(s): Kristin Rackner, Allied ASID
Project Name: A Yoga Home

Project Statement

In this project, the designers were given the opportunity to renovate a donation based yoga studio that had been sustaining itself for 5 years. Our first task was to truly understand the company ethos and yoga community that supports this incredible business. Their mission; to make the benefits of yoga accessible to all by providing pay-what-you-can classes; creating a community and an environment where people can express themselves without judgment. The problem; the space was one large, long open room, that felt dark and uninspired, lacking a connection to it’s mission.

Our solution; create multi-functional mill-work for storage, seating, beverage station and merchandise areas that could fit in this tiny front area. Create a natural flow from each of these areas, achieving way-finding cues that are intuitive and stress free. Incorporate holistic design practices, through day light, plant life, color palette; creating a cyclical vision between company ethos and built environment. Incorporate design principles through a stability of positive and negative space, a fairness of curvilinear and rectilinear lines and a balance of volume. Add a fun play on plane intersections and geometry based on the yoga practice itself; balancing the more bohemian feel of the “living room”, by adding a postmodern touch. Furniture/decor will combine pieces with a connection to time and place, through vintage finds, while woven fibers will balance the contrast of vibrant colors. The color palette will borrow inspiration from travel and holistic practices, taking note from unique and interesting colors that occur in nature and in the many travel adventures of our client; creating a space that would differ from the cold standard of many chain yoga studios. A space guests would not only want to practice in, but would also want to spend time in; with their new-found community.