Singular Living Space – First Place –

Firm: Laura Wiedmann Interior Design
Designer(s): Laura Wiedmann, Allied ASID
Project Name: Modern Ranch

Project Statement

Welcome to Modern Ranch, a 1962 ranch-style home, which my client purchased in 1974. During our remodeling consultation, the client revealed his wife had recently passed. It was important to him that his wife’s memory be honored in the new design by including art pieces from their many travels during their 42 years together. My vision was to transform this dated weighted down space by creating an uplifting, lighter “feel”. The idea was to design a gallery style home showcasing their extensive art collection; she would be remembered throughout the design.

When hired, the only “newer” item in the home was an 11’x14’ Moroccan rug which ultimately set the tone for the new design. My first impression was RED everywhere including red tile, red painted walls, dated furniture, vertical lace blinds, and an ornate ceiling fan. Clearly, the home needed to be up to par with the sophistication of the rug and it became the inspiration for all materials, textures, and palettes chosen. After removing the existing tile, baseboards, paint, fixtures, blinds, stained glass window, and furnishings, we began with a clean slate. However, the space still had challenges. Structurally, we found termites; which required a complete gut and rebuild of the east wall. The removal of the lace vertical blinds and stained glass window revealed there was no way to anchor the new window treatment solution. I designed a customized support system to house the new woven wood shades along with functioning linen drapery panels adding softness and creating privacy.

While respecting the client’s desire to honor his wife’s memory, we still needed to move from a predominately feminine palette to a more masculine feel. To achieve this change, I chose clean-lined furniture frames, organic woods, linen fabrics, metal textures, and custom designed botanicals creating an earthier mood. The new palette allowed me to include touches of the client’s passion for tribal rugs, Argentine dolls, favorite travel relics, and his Grandfather’s metal sculptures. Lastly, I custom designed a large scale glass and metal cocktail table to showcase the gorgeous Moroccan rug, the original design inspiration.