Have you always thought of starting your own business but don’t know where to start? Does it seem overwhelming to you? You came to the right place. This month we are featuring one of our very own Emerging Professionals Member, Lindy Haglund.

Over the years, Lindy has held various roles in the design industry, working in a furniture store, window treatment specialist, designed and remodeled many of her own homes, and helped family throughout the years. That’s when Lindy decided to start her own design business. Lindy started Designer Lindy Haglund, LLC in 2017 in the town of Buffalo, MN. She wanted the flexibility of managing her own schedule and working out of her home. “I love my commute!”.

“Being a designer is one thing, being a business owner is a completely different job. It has taken time and further education to learn how to run a business. While we all love the idea of being our own boss, there are obstacles to overcome. One thing that has been a hurdle for Lindy is learning the language of Marketing. While it comes naturally for some, it was like learning a foreign language to Lindy. Lindy uses many medias for marketing such as Instagram, Facebook, and recognition through ASID.

One of the biggest helps in Lindy’s journey was using the ASID design community. “Getting involved and volunteering for ASID has been integral in connecting me to the local design community. I took courage and reached out to a seasoned designer with design questions and that has been a huge blessing.”
So, what are some tips for those looking to start their own business? “1.  I recommend that those hoping to open their own design studio someday work for someone else for five to ten years.  Watch, learn, listen, engage, work hard and be willing to start in an entry level position and work your way up.  Nothing is wasted.  2.  Seek out vendors, contractors, and subcontractors, who respect what you do.  Develop great relationships with them and they will be a great resource.”

Lastly, let’s hear some of Lindy’s current favorites! Lindy’s favorite material to work with is 100% wool area rugs. “Their durability and beauty are timeless!” Lindy’s favorite design trend is Devol Classic English Kitchens. She’s been admiring them for years now. “I love timeless design and weigh the longevity of the trends before using them in a design. Wallpaper seems to end up in every project I do lately. Such a fun way to add interest and elevate the design!” You can check out Lindy’s work through her website, https://www.designerlindyhaglund.com/, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/DesignerLindyHaglund, and Instagram @DesignerLindyHaglund.