Today, networking has become an essential facet of interior design. The term “It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know.” is an old phrase that is valid when it comes to building successful business. Networking isn’t just a tool to develop and advance your career, it has been proven to be a valuable tool at all stages. For many individuals who have succeeded in their career, a large contribution of their success comes from a strong networking channel they have created. In a recent survey conducted by ASID MN Emerging Professionals Committee, 70% of Emerging Professional members use events to stay active with ASID. Not only does it create long-term relationships with mutual benefits and trust, it is a great source for exchanging valuable information.



                Success in careers is often connected to the pool of information or ideas you have collected. When you are connecting with others and conceiving new ideas, you are instilling new practices and purpose to encourage growth in your career. Learning from what others do is an important strategy for all businesses. Many professionals have been able to understand how to cultivate their networking and create more visibility for different partners and clients. These types of relationships and “inside” information can give you an advantage over your competitors by creating new and efficient ways of doing things.

Networking and opportunities go hand in hand. In the same survey conducted by ASID MN Emerging Professional Committee, 85% of jobs were found through word of mouth. When people notice you, you have created new opportunity potential. Not only can networking assist in finding a career opportunity, it can assist in business sales, partnerships, client leads, and so much more. Professionals with a strong networking can expand with minimal effort, using their connections previously made.





Networking is an extra resource library. It can aid in earning the advice of experienced peers that you may not get the chance to meet if you didn’t network. Chatting about common obstacles and challenges opens the door to new opportunities through valuable recommendations. Offering honest guidance sets a strong foundation for receiving support in return when you need it most.  Training and certifications earned from networking events promotes self-esteem in the workplace. The more you network and attend events, the more self-confidence you gain over time.




Overall, networking is a wonderful tool for everyone in every stage of their career. It is a strong give and take, mutually beneficial relationship that helps all involved exceed. Individuals that have made networking one of their top priorities have been able to build careers relevant to their goals.  It is wonderful for meeting other professionals and business people who are like minded, driven, and goal oriented.